Due to COVID-19, The Danish Play by Sonny Mills is being postponed. As soon as we are able to secure dates, we will update everyone. 


The Danish Play is a lovely and heartbreakingly beautiful play and the story needs to be told and witnessed. We're committed to bringing this show to life at a later (and safer) date. 

As with many other arts organizations, this cancellation is necessary but also emotionally, logistically, and financially devastating. 


Please take care of yourselves and we'll see you soon. 

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Silent Sky by Lauren Gunderson

Spring 2016

Jill Mattel, Kelly Levander, Selena, Lopez, Judith Laughlin, Nathaniel Negron


is a 501 (c) (3), pay-what-you-can, ensemble theater company. 





Terra Nova by Ted Tally

Spring 2019

Molly Bunder (Kathleen)



by Sonny Mills

|  Postponed due to COVID-19 

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At turns hauntingly memorable and subversively humorous, The Danish Play tells the true tale of Agnete Ottosen, a Danish poet and member of the Resistance during World War II. She was captured, tortured, and imprisoned at the notorious Ravensbruck concentration camp. Basing the play on Ottosen's poetry and journals discovered after her death, playwright Sonny Mills (Ottosen is their great aunt) shows the depths to which she went to ensure the safety of herself, her fellow citizens, and her country. 


The Danish Play reflects a dark time in Danish history, yet one that never loses sight of the hope, light, and laughter of a better tomorrow. 

Directed by Kirstin Franklin

“The understated artistry of The Danish Play sneaks up on you very slowly…by the time the evening is through, it has emerged as the deft and subtle account of a story set in Nazi-occupied Denmark that only blossoms into true tragedy years after the enemy has been defeated.”

—Kate Taylor, Globe and Mail

“One of the strongest and most wrenching pieces of theatre...”

-Robert Crew, The Toronto Star

“Easily one of the best plays of the year.”

-Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine