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Macbeth Auditions

Show Info:

Macbeth is being directed and edited by Dusty Brown and is performing October 6-30 at Redtwist.

Run time is approximately 90-100 minutes.

Rehearsals begin August 29th and take place in Ravenswood.

(Please see tentative production calendar for complete dates.)


Three Crows is pay-what-you-want and Non-Equity Jeff Award eligible. There is a $200 stipend. 



Paid gig. Send your resume to

Audition Instructions:

Please choose a character, a side, film it, and upload it to a platform of your choosing.

Then fill out the audition form with the link. Please don't feel that you have to be memorized. 

Callbacks are scheduled for August 17, 19, and 20th. 

We'd Like submissions by end of day Monday, August 15th. But if you're just seeing this, please submit.  

We are completely aware that this is a quick turnaround. The post-COVID landscape is kinda wild. Must show proof of being fully vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19.

Character Info & Sides

The Weird Sisters and Lady M have already been cast. Gender is but a suggestion. 

Duncan: male-identifying, 30s-50s

 -The elder king of Scotland, are they a genuinely benevolent king or a skilled politician?


Malcom: male-identifying, 20s

- The eldest child of Duncan and heir apparent, they are cunning and ambitious.

Donalbain: male-identifying, 20s 

- The younger child of Duncan, they are more cautious and politic than Malcolm. (Please use Malcolm side.)

Lennox: male-identifying, 20s

- A Scottish Noble, an enthusiastic, if inexperienced, soldier and loyal to the crown, until they see the madness of Macbeth. (Please use Malcolm side.)

Macduff: male-identifying, 30s-40s

- A Scottish Noble, a skilled combatant and loyal to King Duncan. Despite their suspicions of Macbeth, they still have faith in his basic humanity.

Ross: male-identifying, 20-30s

- A Scottish Noble, perhaps the best politician of the all, they are able to stay in the good graces of every side while being loyal to none.

Banquo; male-identifying, 30s-40s

- A Scottish Noble, Macbeth’s closest friend and ally, they cannot see their friend’s true nature until it is too late.

Macbeth: male-identifying, 30-40s

- Ambitious, conflicted, and tormented. Macbeth’s need to be not only the king, but the beloved and unquestioned Ruler of Scotland encourages his worst impulses.

Fleance: male-identifying, late teens

- Banquo’s child and heir, they are naive and follow where Banquo leads. (Please use Malcolm side.)

Lady Macduff: female-identifying, 30s-40s

- Macduff’s partner, they are all too aware of how quickly the world can turn against the well meaning.


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