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Our 2019/2020 season features Language of Angels by Naomi Iizuka. Perfect for the Halloween season, it's a psychological whodunnit with a creep factor that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  

Our second full show is The Danish Play by Sonny Mills. The breathtaking epic tale of Agnete Ottosen, a Danish poet and World War II Resistance fighter who was tortured, captured, and imprisoned by the Nazis. 

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by Sonny Mills

APRIL 16 - MAY 10, 2020

The Danish Play tells the true tale of Agnete Ottosen, a Danish poet and member of the Resistance during World War II. At Christmastime in 1962, Ottosen's recent death haunts a group of her friends and fellow Resistance fighters. Told through memory, The Danish Play recounts Ottosen's life during wartime Denmark, Nazi occupation, through being caught and tortured by the Gestapo, imprisonment at Ravensbruck concentration camp, and her post-trauma existence.  


Ottosen is the playwright's great-aunt and the play is inspired by her poetry and journals discovered after her death. 

“The understated artistry of the Danish play sneaks up on you very slowly…by the time the evening is through, it has emerged as the deft and subtle account of a story set in Nazi-occupied Denmark that only blossoms into true tragedy years after the enemy has been defeated.” —Kate Taylor, Globe and Mail

-Kate Taylor, Globe and Mail

“One of the strongest and most wrenching pieces of theatre so far this season.”

-Robert Crew, The Toronto Star

“Easily one of the best plays of the year.”

-Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine


October 10 - November 3, 2019

A gripping, psychological whodunnit perfect for the Halloween season,Language of Angels begins in a cave on the edge of a rural North Carolina town, where a teenaged girl once went missing. One of nine friends is responsible for her death, yet her ghostly, echoed cries will haunt each of them forever. Woven together are the parallel paths each friend takes that lead to their own tragic fates. Hidden beneath the scary, mysterious exterior, Language of Angels is ultimately a touching and deeply heartfelt play.

"What gives Language of Angels its strangeness, and a certain eerie magnetism, is that all the questions, pastpresentfuture, float around the stage simulataneously, unstuck from characters and chronology. Additionally, the play gives its most lyrical speeches to people who are insistently inarticulate. The angels are tarnished, earthbound, and their language has a kind of brute poetry."

- Liz Nicholls, Edmonton Journal 

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